news & current plans

First some good news, the paper analysing the Hebb learning CTRNN without plastic weights got accepted for oral presentation to IEEE Alife in Hawaii. The reviews were not bad either. Inman thinks we should further that work and convert into a journal publication but unfortunately I don’t see that there is time to do so anytime soon. Surprisingly no complaints on the English – I have mostly Peter to thank for that. Thanks! I am actually very much looking forward to going to that conference and getting some feedback on that work.

The plan is that I will dedicate the months from January to September 2007 to writing my thesis. What this means is that all of the ‘new’ ideas that I will be coming up with I will have to write down as best as possible and put to one side for tackling later. Failure to do so will result in either forgetting them or even worst working on them and delaying the thesis-writing process.

There are two important things that I must finish while I write, however. First, the work that I did over the summer in Indiana. That work is close to being finished but I have lacked the time to see through the end of it. The second thing is the workshop for ECAL, if it gets accepted (fingers crossed).


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