Word cloud of my PhD thesis

Quick post. I just discovered Worlde. The site lets you generate word clouds from any text.

This is what my thesis looks like when all of it (including acknoledgements, table of contents, figures, their captions, and references) is copied and pasted from the submitted PDF file.

The copy and paste of the thesis from PDF as it is, is far from ideal for several reasons. The main one is that things like the header of every page is included. The result is that, for example, the word “Chapter” appears far more often than it should.

So, on my “to do” list is the following. Once I defend my thesis (Wednesday 22nd of this month, only a few days away), and make the suggested corrections to it, I will update the page dedicated to my thesis (i.e., where it can be downloaded). The updated one will include a well-made word cloud (i.e., one generated from only the main content) for the full thesis, as well as for each of the chapters individually. Hopefully also I can make the clouds appear as text; not as an image.


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