Moving academic website and updating it

My main academic website had been hosted at Sussex University for the past 6+ years.  The design had not changed either, even though I had stop liking it long ago.  I’m changing the design entirely, all towards minimalism.

The main reason for choosing an online service is that I won’t have to maintain html files on my computer and I won’t have to upload them to a server.  It also means I can update the website from anywhere, as long as there is access to the internet.  The main reason for choosing tumblr (over wordpress) is that I like the aesthetics much better.

Even though the new website looks like a traditional website, with a few static pages that hold the long-term content, because of its design, it has the opportunity to serve also as a blog.  I’m not yet sure whether I will be posting things (news, what I’m working on, interesting articles I’m reading).  If I do, it will be strictly academic and relevant to my research.  And if so, it will be replacing this blog (I have yet to decide).  At any rate, that’s another reason for the change: to unite the static with the dynamic.

Feedback welcome.


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