Word cloud of my PhD thesis

Quick post. I just discovered Worlde. The site lets you generate word clouds from any text.

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CCNR talks online .. ?

I have come across a couple of academic places that are hosting podcasts for their seminars. I have listenned to a couple of them and have found really useful. It’s an idea that we should definitely bring into our labs. Here’s my first attempt. It is not yet a podcast as such, just videos online. I have had several problems while recording, it is not as simple as it sounds. There are problems with the sound and video. I also have to figure out the rights. Takashi suggested creative commons where some rights are reserved, but I know very little about this. Any suggestions are welcome. This is all temporary.

vex robotics brief tutorial

I’ve managed to connect to the vex kit from my Mac and download programs using both easy C and regular C code. There are a couple of ‘tricks’ involved, so I have written the steps that I went through in as much detail as I could here.

It is likely that there are better, faster, more efficient, ways of doing this. But for the moment it should do the job.

talks online

I’m experimenting with a website where I hope to keep as many of the talks and meetings that I attend to. Some of which may be of relevance to people working on related issues. For reasons of size, I made the video as low quality as I could and I also cut out much of the discussion that went after the talk. I’m open to feedback about whether the video should be of better quality, etc. Thanks to Bryan for the interesting talk and for allowing me to put it online.

Note: All was done using what the MacBook Pro comes with (i.e. built-in camera and mic, iMovie and iWeb) – no extra hardware or software was used. No skills were needed either.

the death and re-birth of my macbook pro

Allow me to give you a brief summary of how the couple of last days have gone for me.

-1. playing with huge-6G-video files to create a video podcast and eventually ‘run dangerously low on disk space’
0. try erasing the big files lying around my disk
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