Thesis, the economy, and writing

For the last couple of months I have been spending most time working on my thesis. It has been actually very enjoyable, for the most part. There have been some days where it has been somewhat painful. The quick update is that it is going well and that I still hope to submit very soon. As expected, there are many experiments, and tasks, and analysis that I would like to expand into. But I’m going to have to leave it for later. As Inman keeps reminding me, there is no such thing as a finished thesis…

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Another one of those updates

Quick note before I begin: it just so happens that as I wrote this post the disk on my G5 died. I don’t think I have lost anything major, as most of it is backed up. Some of the most recent pictures that I have taken may have gone, because I had failed to backup those in some time (a couple of months maybe). I am re-backing up what I have to a third disk to avoid having the just one copy that I have at this instant, and will seriously consider buying another disk to have more backups. On to the original post!

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